Bunkern Bokar is a Swedish booking agency that provides Scandinavia’s most in-demand artists within jazz, world, blues, improvised and contemporary music. Bunkern Bokar presents a variety of musicians with national and international reputation from"Kulturföreningen Bunkern".Bunkern Bokar facilitates your contact with interesting new bands from Sweden.

Bunkern bokar - a project founded by the Swedish Inheritance Fund

Bunkern bokar is a three-year Inheritage Fund project started in 2021 that educates people with different disabilities. We are located in the premises of the Cultural Association Bunkern in central Gothenburg. The training is about marketing and PR in the music industry. We work with booking bands, and together we learn all the tasks required to book concerts. This can include text production, photography, film, social media, digital marketing, customer records and sales work. 

We are locared in the same place as the musicians' rehearsal rooms, so communication with our clients is quick and easy. There may be chats over a cup of coffee in the shared kitchenette, or we may invite musicians to be interviewed about their plans. 

The project creates a win-win situation. People who find it difficult to enter the labour market learn new skills and the musicians at Bunkern get to go out and perform more concerts. New networks are created, leading to job opportunities for both groups. 

Collaboration partners: LaSSe Brukarstödcenter, GIL- Göteborgskooperativet för Independent Living, Coompanion, Kulturföreningen Bunkern.

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