Inspired by the fragility and beauty of the small and mundane, she writes
Erik direct songs with few detours about everything from love to existential
reflections on the universe. Book Erik Björksten!

Erik Björksten is a musician and artist from Mölnlycke/Gothenburg.
On the self-produced debut album Revor i tiden #1 Erik tries to find the essence of music in an artless and uncompromising expression - released on his own label Ostron Records.

"With his twilight-scented acoustic folk pop, Erik Björksten has been described as a mixture of Thomas Ledin and Bruno K Öijer. With accordion & guitars as well as live loops, sound worlds are created around the lyrics where the songs are allowed to grow freely in a mixture of pop / visa and folk with dark undertones. Current with the newly released full length Revor i tiden #1


Erik Björksten - Vocals, guitar, accordion
Rebecka Tholerus - Double bass
Amanda Arnborg - Organ/choir

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