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Emrik med vänner

The singer EMRIK, well known from the Stonefunkers, in an intimate setting with guitar, drums and loops, plays songs such as Tenderness, Staden vi elsker, Lögnhalsen, Love Somebody, Funkadeena, M-Rock theory, and interprets songs by Afzelius, Vreeswijk and others. Emrik tells stories from his long life as an artist, and always offers laughter and a good atmosphere. Be ready for a great evening!

EMRIK is currently releasing the Swedish single PAMPLONA and the Funk album CELEBRATION.

Comments on EMRIK's latest album:

Infectious and life-affirming funk, a wonderfully vital record with singer-songwriter M-Rock at the center. – Andreas Lagercrantz – tidningen LIRA

There's a lot of blowing, whacka-whacka, dancing, love and celebration.

Why wouldn´t you want to join that party?– Johan Lindqvist Göteborgs Posten

Lively and sometimes quite brilliant party monsters, keep your fingers crossed for a tour, because it could be a lot of fun. – Anna Hellsten Sydsvenskan


Emrik - Vocals
Anders AGGE Augustsson - Guitar, Vocals, Drum tramp
Dan Helgesen - Piano, Vocals

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