Bertil Löfdahl, front person of Berra's blues orchestra, has started a new band, Crossover, which wants to offer the audience an exciting mix of blues and jazz. Book Crossover!

Foto: Janie Mobacker

Bertil Löfdahl has a long-standing background as a blues musician, but also has a big heart for jazz. In Crossover, seasoned musicians from the jazz and blues worlds come together in an exciting new supergroup.
Their repertoire includes both vocal and instrumental music. The set and song choices allow the band to play in most contexts, from pubs and cultural centres to major festivals. Crossover offers an experience of blues and jazz in pleasurable union.


Rolf Jardemark - Guitar
Bertil Löfdahl - Guitar/Vocals
Henrik Wartel - Drums
Jan "Nygus" Gustavsson - Bass

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